UPLOAD PHOTOS - Solution if missing ADD PHOTOS button in Media Gallery

Chrome and other browsers are now hiding flash for all websites by default. We still use flash for a couple features in your website admin.

The most important feature is uploading images into the media gallery.

If you do not see Add Photos button like the screenshot above, when you open the media gallery, then you can follow these quick steps to update your browser settings and make the button appear.

FYI: we noticed Chrome required us to redo these steps after we cleared browser cookies and history. Not sure why Chrome did that, but if you've done these steps and notice down the road that the button is missing again ... you just have to redo these steps. Thankfully it only takes about 30 seconds to fix.

The first video is for CHROME users:

The next video below is for FIREFOX browser:


Finally, this video below is for Safari browser: