Help, my photobucket images are not working on my website

IMPORTANT: if you have broken images on your website that came with your SaviSites website please contact us. This post is to help users who uploaded their OWN images into photobucket and then used the photobucket links to add each image into their SaviSites website.

Unfortunately Photobucket is no longer allowing users to upload images and then host them on other websites for free. And the price to upgrade for the images to turn back on is expensive. So The bad news is that you either have to pay photobucket to get all images to turn back on 'as is' ... OR you have to manually replace each image. It's frustrating that Photobucket did this, but we understand why they did. They simply couldn't afford to give this service for free anymore as their revenues shrank.

The good news...

1. Your images are not gone. They're still on photobucket if you don't have them saved on your computer. And if you're like me and forgotten which images were even being used on each page, once you're logged into Photobucket you can open the image URL in browser and it will load the image. To do this, right click on each broken image (storefront) and click "Open Image In New Tab." Then you'll be able to see the image. If you don't have saved copy already on your computer, just right click the image that opened in the new browser tab and click "Save Image As" to download the image.

2. You can host the images in your website (for free). You can upload each of the images previously on Photobucket into the IMAGE gallery in your website back-office. Once the images are uploaded into your SaviSites IMAGE gallery, just follow the steps from this video tutorial to replace each photobucket images.

It's a straightforward but let us know if you have any questions.

SaviSites support team
(850) 400-1444