Savi Newsletter - Jan 11th, 2012

Marketing tips and new features to kick start the New Year 

Time to take down the lights ...
Now that Christmas is over, don't forget to spend a few minutes updating your home page, template, banners and other Holiday marketing.

... And make room for Valentines Day!
In your IMAGES section you should have a folder for Valentine's Day banners
Valentines Home Page ideas
Valentines Category ideas

NEW: easily designate a new Home Page
We've made it easier to setup your Valentines home page while saving your Holiday home page
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NEW: Interactive Books coming soon!
One of the first big new releases for 2012 will be our new Interactive Books. We're still in working on the prototype but our goal is to release them in the first quarter of this year. We'd love your feedback
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Do you need the Teddy Bear with Personalized Book illustrations?
If we gave you a new refreshed website on the Savi2 platform, we forgot to add the graphics of the Teddy Bear holding the book showing personalized fields. You can download them from this link and add them to your website.
Get the new Teddy Bear illustrations

Here's to a happy and prosperous New Year!

SaviSites team