NEW Interactive Books coming soon!

One of the first big new releases for 2012 will be our new Interactive Books. We're still in working on the prototype but our goal is to release them in the first quarter of this year. 

We are making these a high priority because of the sales potential we believe they will bring your online business. Let your customers become your best sales people by giving them something fun and interactive to share with their friends. 

New features we're trying to include:
- The book will load with sample data, but customer can update fields and preview their own story
- Menu link to view all interactive stories available and switch titles
- Adding a "Buy Now" button on the window
- Adding "Share" features so customer can share their demo socially
- Link to "Create Your Own" if book is opened from a shared link
- Compatibility on all mobile and tablet devices
- Links back to your website so when people share their marketing your business
- Countdown for how long a shared demo will remain active
- If shared book expires, the link will load with sample text and prompt "customize this story"
- Adding "share an online version with friends" link for each product ordered on Thank You page
- Adding "share an online version with friends" link for each product ordered in confirmation email

We will be extensively measuring the traffic and testing different ideas to find which produce the best results. Below are some of the current ideas we plan to test.
- Whether to show full stories or partial stories
- How long to keep a shared demo active (to encourage ordering physical copy)
- Which text and buttons get the highest clicks
- What layouts get the highest "Buy Now" conversions

Stay tuned!!!