Sneak Peak - New Websites Coming Soon

This is our most exciting update since our initial launch!!!

At the beginning of 2010 we realized we’d outgrown the current BakeSale framework that runs your online stores. BakeSale is an open-source framework that enabled us to build a great solution, but it doesn't have the flexibility we need for all the new features we have planned. So this Spring, we began writing code for Savi2.0, a custom solution we’re building from the ground up. This means we’re throwing away the current code, rebuilding your current features, and adding many more.

In order for you to have your new sites for the holiday rush, we’ve broken Savi2.0 into 2 phases.

Phase One:
Launching the new stores with all the current features plus a few more by October 15th. Many of the features you currently have will be improved.

Phase Two:
Once all the sites are switched over to Savi2.0 platform we will be launching new features continually until we complete our 11-page list of new features.


We'll post a complete list of the new features towards the end of September. For now, we're giving a sneak peak of whats to come....

A Sneak Peak into the new features with Savi2.0:

  • New Home Page layouts (product/category focused)
  • Ability to add/manage banner graphics (sales/promotions)
  • New templates, storefront designs
  • Flexible Templates (logo sizes, headers, footers, etc…)
  • Customizable template background images, patterns, colors.
  • New streamlined admin to manage your sites
  • Ability to order custom or premium template designs
  • Ability for storefront to show products as horizontal rows
  • Ability for customers to choose how they view products (sizes, sort)
  • New “Customers Who Ordered ‘x’ also enjoyed…” suggestions
  • New “Add to Wish List” and ability to manage wish lists
  • Customizable product thumbnail sizes
  • Better customized search features
  • Ability to clone products
  • Ability to import/export products
  • Built-in Social Media icons/links
  • One-Click “share this” links for all pages/products
  • Ability to choose Related Products
  • Ability to set minimum orders
  • Ability to set shipping price PER product
  • Ability to create “product variations” (choose colors, size, etc.)
  • Ability to add products that are not personalized (no custom fields)
  • Centralized IMAGES section
  • Ability to sort and tag images
Store Settings
  • Integrating more options for Merchant Processing
  • New customizations in Shipping
  • Flexible TAX settings
Customer Management
  • Customer Login (to view past/present orders)
  • Centralized Customer/Member list
  • All customers who order automatically enter list
  • Customers can subscribe to newsletter only and enter list
  • Customer Permission levels (choose which products they see)
  • Build in DROP SHIP settings
  • Ability to manage “Order Status”
  • Ability to add notes to orders
  • New ‘Featured Products’ controls
  • Integration of Email Marketing providers (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc…)
  • Integration to other Shopping Engines (automatically post your products)
  • New COUPON system (easier to use)
  • Integration into Facebook (post your products to Facebook)
  • Easily post your products, coupons, promotions to Facebook
  • Ability to set Meta details for every page and product
  • Personalized Music is receiving complete overhaul
  • Integration of more 3rd party services (list coming soon)
  • Better site metrics and reporting

This is only fraction of the new features on the way. Some of these will be available at the launch of Savi2.0, and some will be added shortly after, though once we make the switch we’ll be working non-stop to finish the list.