Welcome to SaviSites - Overview and Getting Started

Effortless eCommerce for Create-A-Book Dealers

Creating your own e-commerce store has never been as easy and affordable. Whether you’re new to selling online, or switching from an existing website, we’ve got the features you need in an easy-to-use, turnkey solution.

SaviSites has been the official website solution for Create-A-Book since 2008, and we’re loving every minute. We released 123 additional features in our first 12 months, and by the end of this year we’ll be releasing a completely new storefront, re-designed from the ground up with 3 times the features.

We’re a team of techie entrepreneurs dedicated to making SaviSites the best eCommerce platform on the planet, and we’re accomplishing that by constantly finding new ways to automate your websites ability to intelligently market your products. It’s our aggressive dedication to improving your site that’s delayed the development of our own site. While it makes us chuckle that we’re still using our blog as our temporary website, it’s proof your needs come before our ego’s!

This overview will cover:
  • Websites Features
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Support & Training
  • Website Costs
  • How to Order (Getting Started)
  • View Demo Websites


We cover a few highlights below, though you can view our Complete Feature List

Your store comes fully stocked with all the Create-A-Book products, so you’re ready to sell as soon as we’ve finished building your site. You can add unlimited additional products and pages, and choose which products remain visible to your customers.

Your web-based control panel lets you manage your entire store from any computer with an Internet connection. There's no software to download and you have full access to your orders, products, customers and more.

Your site is already integrated with PayPal so all you have to do is enter your PayPal ID to begin processing credit cards. If you’d like to offer your customers a secondary option outside of PayPal to process credit cards we’ve added Propay merchant processing. We’ve chosen both because they don’t charge monthly fee’s, which is especially great if you’re a new or part time business.


Your website also comes with Interactive eBooks for the 7 best selling personalized books from Create-A-Book. These eBooks give your customers the ability to flip through the first 20 pages to preview the story, and not-too-far down the road they’ll allow your customers to see their own name in the demos!

Just as pictures on a menu help sell the best dishes, the interactive demo' have proven to increase sales, which is why we spent another 4 months creating interactive demos for the entire Create-A-Book library. We’ve packaged them into a module you can add to your website for $44/yr.

You can add this module during your initial order, or anytime thereafter, though we’d highly recommend adding this from the start. The more samples you offer, the more your customers will buy. Check out our Interactive eBooks if you haven’t already.


We’ve all dealt with customer service so bad you wonder if your training them, as you contemplate throwing your phone in the pool. On the other hand, we’ve also experienced the pleasant joy of dealing with companies whose service is so fantastic that you’re only regret is they don’t have more you can buy from them.

We strive for the latter because we understand:

1. The more we help you succeed, the more we succeed
2. Happy customers bring more happy customers
3. The best ideas usually come from you

We like to think of ourselves as your online business partners, which is why we’re always working so hard to improve.

While we aim to develop a product so intuitive you already know how to use it, we still provide step-by-step Video Tutorials as well as an ever-growing collection of TIPS and FAQ’s. Plus we’re always a quick phone call a way.


Our desire to stand apart goes beyond the feature list. Most eCommerce providers offer several package options that range in price, while conveniently bundling the needed features with features you don’t need, at a higher cost. Plus, other eCommerce providers usually increase their fees as your product volume increases.

We’ve packaged all the eCommerce essentials into a one robust base package; so ordering really is simple and affordable.

If we do develop a new tool or marketing application that’s beneficial to your business but requires a higher overhead cost to maintain then it’s offered À la carte. This way you’re only paying for the features you need. To prove our dedication to low costs, we developed 123 additional features in our first 12 months and 122 were free updates to all of our customers. The only À la Carte item was the full line of Interactive eBooks due to the extra bandwidth costs.

And since your base package comes with unlimited products and pages, you’re not penalized financially as your business expands!

To add the cherry on top, Create-A-Book’s offered to pay your initial setup fee ($99), so all that remains is the yearly fee ($199) for the base package which covers your website, hosting, unlimited customer support, and lifetime updates. If you’d like to add the full line of Interactive eBooks ($44) your total cost would come to $243.


While you can order your website and domain name online, please call anytime if you have any questions along the way (850) 400-5555

There are two things you’ll need to get started:

1. Ordering your website
2. Purchasing a domain name (what customers will enter to find your website).

However, if you’re like most dealers and you’re excited to get started but not yet sure which name to choose; you can first place your website order and then search for a name during the 3-4 days it takes to create your website.

Important NOTES about purchasing a domain name:
The reason we’ve kept your domain purchase separated from your website purchase, is to ensure you’re the registered owner of that domain. When other companies allow you to enter a domain name and they place the order, they usually make themselves the owner so it’s harder to leave.


We’ve heard from many dealers that our Video Tutorials helped them see just how easy our sites really were to update and manage.

Plus, if you’d like to see LIVE dealer website you can preview some of our Favorites.

Quick Recap:

• You get the Complete Feature List with your base package for $199
• If you’d like to add the full line of Interactive eBooks, your total comes to $243
• Within 3-5 days of your order, our engineers have your new website finished and ready.
• Your site is modeled after our current LIVE demo, so you can see exactly what you’re getting
• You’ll receive unlimited support and lifetime updates, so your website is always improving
• Call us anytime (right now if you like) to answer your questions and help you get started

>> Get Started Today! (Website Order)

>> Order your Domain name

Thanks again for the interest!

SaviSites team
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