New CAB "Teddy Bear" and much much more...

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!

As we welcomed the start of 2010, we hit the ground running! We closed 2009 with a website solution that ways light years ahead of the version launched Oct 2008, and this year will be even better as we wrap up the last of the major changes and start working on the fun and creative changes. Please take a moment to review the updates below.


** In this update: **

1. Accepting EMAIL invite for future CAB updates (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)
2. New images for CAB Teddy Bear (holding book)
3. Save Money on This Order - typo fixed
4. Personalized Music
5. Propay
6. New websites for CAB and SaviSites
7. Renewals (eBooks and Memberships)


1. Accepting EMAIL invite:

As we streamline our internal systems, we realized it's time to say goodbye to the EXCEL spreadsheet we've used to manage newsletter emails. This new system makes it easier for you to update your email address on file, or change your subscription preferences.

Use the form below to join our newsletter

2. New images for CAB Teddy Bear

The current Teddy Bear used to illustrate the personalized fields was scanned from a brochure. Create-A-Book lost the original artwork files in the move west, so we made the best with what was available. During the holidays we had our designers create an updated image, and then created 4 additional banners using this bear that you can apply to your website.

All Create-A-Book dealers are allowed to use the new images on your website or other marketing materials. We've uploaded the banners and bear images into our account. There are 4 banner images, and a "bear-only" images available in 2 sizes and 3 colors. On photobucket, you can view all images available, download the ones you like, or use the "Direct Link" URL to post images on your website without having to download the images to your computer and then upload them to your website.

To download these images:
1. Click the first link below, find image you like and click on image to "V'ew Large"
2. Mouse-over the large image and a menu will appear across the top, click "Download"

Click HERE to view all images (to download or find "Direct Link" LINKS to use new images:

Click HERE to VIEW Examples of all 4 Banners:

3. Save Money on this Order:

Your page came with a website using this page title, to explain the "club member" registration. This page is fully editable, except for the big graphic which can only be deleted. We realized there was a typo on this graphic, which we've now fixed and made available to you. Fix your page in less than 2 minutes following links below

Quick video tutorial:

URL link you'll use to replace the current image:

4. Personalized Music

The customer interface for the music layout and application will drastically change over the next couple months. Remember we're in BETA launch, so we appreciate everyone's feedback and patience during this transformation. We're putting a lot of though into the strategic marketability for the MP3 downloads, as we look for ways to make this an exciting and profitable new revenue stream. For example, the email sent to customers to download their music will be moving to a web based page that will allow for designs like "Gift eCards" where customers can have a personalized message appear above the "Download Music" buttons. As we continue to make changes during our BETA test phase, make sure you're taking advantage of the opportunity offer these products without any additional licensing or website fee's!

5. Propay Merchant Services

The upcoming launch of the Propay integration will be a day for celebration like NO other! For those of you not familiar with Propay you can learn more about it here. We've been working on the integration for over a year and spent close to $10,000 trying to create a solution that prevents each user from needing their own SSL certificate. An SSL certificate secures and encrypts the data on a specific page or website.

Why all this time and money for a feature that will be given to all as an update, and not an "Add-On" module? We believe it's a valuable option, and we're always searching for ways to keep your costs down. Sadly, at the end of 2009 we decided a "single SSL" just wasn't going to work, so we had to jump back to square one. The good news is the standard integration is underway and should be test ready in the next 30 days. If you've already signed up for Propay, we'll send information regarding the specific SSL certificate needed. Do NOT purchase an SSL without talking to us first, as there are different types and it must be the right one.

6. New websites for CAB and SaviSites

Last but not least, stay tuned for the new websites for and The SaviSites website will also include our new ordering system that will allow you post tickets, and manage your "Add-Ons" and billing information.

7. Renewals (eBooks and Annual Membership)

While working on our new Customer and Order management system, we delayed sending out the renewal notices for dealers who either purchased their website or eBooks in December and January. If you purchased your website or eBook module during that time period, including February of 2009, we'll be sending a notice this weekend. .

If you think these updates are great, wait till you see what's planned for the 2nd quarter :)