Propay Merchant Processing


Paypal is a great processing option as they don't charge fixed monthly fee's and they keep their rates stable. Some of you may want to continue to only use Paypal and that's ok. You are not required to add the new processing option.

The number 1 reason people want another option besides PayPal is to avoid making customers login to Paypal to make a purchase. The second reason is to have more features, like ability to process payments on a mobile phone, or offline. PayPal does offer these services but they charge $30/month.

Companies like Propay allow you to process the credit cards directly on your website. Customers will enter their billing and shipping information without ever having to leave your website, or being required to login or create an account like they do with PayPal.

Plus there are still many customers who either don't understand Paypal, or who don't like to use it. So having a merchant option like Propay allows you to give payment options to satisfy every customer.


DISCLAIMER: Neither SaviSites or Create-A-Book receive commissions or payments from Propay.

We like Propay because they specialize in handling large networks of independent, part-time dealers/reps. This translates to low fee's and no fixed monthly costs. The average online merchant gateway charges $15 - $30 a month (Paypal's "Payflow" gateway charges $30 a month). Propay understands part-timers may not produce sales every month, so fixed costs could erode your profits.

The also have stable, unified rates, again like Paypal. Most merchant processors will advertise an attractive qualified rate and then have a much higher "non-qualified" rate. They don't tell you that 90% of all your transactions are non-qualified (All rewards cards and corporate/business cards are non-qualified... which is practically every card). This means you're always charged the rate you expected to get charged.

The only fixed cost you pay is their annual fee, which is around $40 a year. They have a few package options, though their premium account offers instant approval, and will handle the majority of your needs.

You can see their rates on their website, their rates are about the same as Paypal.

Visit their site for a more detailed explanation, though here's the highlights:
  • Online Gateway (as described above)
  • Ability to process over the phone (you call in details and get instant authorization)
  • Ability to add a computer USB swipe machine (can hold up to 90 transactions offline)
  • Ability to manually enter payment online (if didn't need to use your shopping cart)
  • Ability for instant approval for their basic account ($3,000 month / $500 transaction)

Propay Customer Service:
(866) 573-0951

Propay representative:
Rachel Dodge

CLICK HERE to signup for Propay

INSTRUCTIONS: How to add your new Propay account to your SaviSites website

Additional Notes

If you process more than $500/per transaction or $3000/month, you will need to email for the required underwriting information and application.

They can sometimes assist with temporary increases if they are infrequent, and in each case you can call customer service and will be told what information we need to complete the transaction.