MUST READ If your email is Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail or Gmail

If your website uses an email address from Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail or Gmail for the "public" email address in your admin then you'll want to UPDATE this immediately. 

In April these email providers began blocking all emails that say they are sent from their servers if it did not actually come from their server. 

For example: 

if you're site currently has as the public email address, when customers placed an order they received an order confirmation email with as the FROM email address. Now these larger email providers are rejected/blocking all emails that claim to be from their servers if they did not actually originate from their servers. 

Note: this is not a SaviSites-specific issue. It’s affecting all platforms on the internet that previously allowed users to enter any email address as the from address. 


The good news is, there’s a very simple fix to this problem. Change your FROM address to one at your website’s domain.

Continuing the example above, you would change your public email address in your admin from to

Where to update the email address

How do you get an email address with your domain name?

Call your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain name). They can help you setup an email address that matches your domain name for very little cost.

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