Savi Newsletter - Nov 30th, 2011

Wow, what an incredible holiday season this has been! With Christmas around the corner, I want to share some new features you can use right now to boost your sales in the last few innings of 2011.

But first... to those accustomed to me answering calls and emails at all hours, who ask if I ever sleep or leave my desk,  I'm happy to report I unplugged long enough to marry my sweetheart on Nov 19th. I got a little backed up on emails while I was off the grid, my apologies. We're back to full throttle.

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Now back to those new features I mentioned...

We've probably uploaded a jillion changes since August, but most of those are small usability improvements that wouldn't make for an exciting newsletter. Here's a few of the important ones.

PayPal IPN: (this is huge) 
If you use PayPal on your website, stop what you're doing and CLICK HERE to learn how this helps you and how to enable it. This is hands down the most important update in this newsletter.

NEW ADMIN login:
If you're using to login to your admin, drop the 'beta' and go to We finally completed our Alpha/Beta/Live deployment servers for new feature testing. So from next Monday on the "beta" URL will have features that are not fully tested.

NEW Christmas Template: (see example)
We know, it would have been better to have this new design a little sooner. It was our goal too, but there were higher priority features and bug fixes that kept pushing it back. On the bright side it gives you another reason to send one more announcement to your customers before the years over. This template can be found in your Savi2 admin, under Design Settings.

NEW Mini-Cart
When a customer adds an item to your cart, our new mini-cart slider will open to confirm the item was successfully added while showing customers where to find the cart/checkout buttons. You can also hover over the cart icon anytime and it will slide open.


Coupon can now choose if applies to Tax and/or Shipping.
We've had some people ask for the Coupon Discount to only apply to the sub-total, and others ask for the discount to apply towards Tax and Shipping if the coupon value exceeded the sub-total. To satisfy both sides, you now have the choice on a per coupon basis. All coupons apply to Sub-Total, so choose Yes/No for tax and for shipping.

Coupon Shipping and Tax

People will be buying Christmas gifts up until December 24th. Take a Create-A-Book or two with you to work and pass them around the office. If your co-workers are parents or Grandparents you will get orders.

Also, send an email to your past customers telling them to checkout your updated site, maybe create a coupon for a Holiday product to encourage them to visit.

Get creative, there are Create-A-Book dealers selling hundreds of orders a week so the opportunity is there for anyone with a little drive and imagination.

Go get em!
Dave Hefty
Proud Husband and SaviSites Co-Founder