Reinstalling CAB book software

We did away with the activation codes so you'll need to uninstall that version and reinstall. 

UnInstall old software:
First, let's uninstall completely. Go to your control panel, then open add/remove programs. It will take a couple of minutes for the list to come up. Remove CABWeb. Next, go to My Computer, double click the C: drive, double click on the Program Files folder, click on the CABWeb folder and delete it.

For the software, please open Internet Explorer and copy/paste the link below. Then enter your email address and dealer number and follow the prompts from there.

The first time you run the software it will ask again for your dealer number and email address, then it will bring you to a configuration screen. Just cancel that because you will go back later and fill that out.

Before download the software, go to your control panel, go to your security center, turn off Window Firewall. If you have any other security installed, turn it off too. Then back at the control panel screen, click on Users. Turn OFF User Account Control.

- Go to the CABWeb folder in your program files folder on C:
- Right click the CABWeb program (In program files - not the start menu or desktop shortcut).
- Select properties and you will see the compatibility tab.

Check two boxes in the window below:
- "Run this program in compatibility mode" 
- And the box at the bottom to "Run as Administrator."

For all Windows users:
Then it should prompt you to update your software and then restart the program. Click ok, or restart, what ever it asks (it will only close the program not restart the computer). Then you should be able to run the software at that point.

You can click the Tools button in the top right hand corner to go back into Configuration and change the settings and set your Dealer Info.

The software comes set for most Laser printers. Centering should be good, but you might need to change the sort order… Maybe.

Centering for Ink Jets:
Move Right/Left -75 (negative 75)
Sort Order (collation) is probably reverse but you may need to play with it.