Paypal IPN Settings

PayPal's IPN feature sends payment details back to your website and triggers confirmation emails and order status updates. This means your customers no longer have to do anything after paying to complete a Paypal order.

We’ve integrated our stores to use this new feature, but you must update your PayPal account to make it work. You can follow the instructions below, or scroll down to view screenshots.

Paypal has changed their layout for some account types.  If you do not see My Selling Tools in your Paypal account, you can also click either of these links:

1. Log in to PayPal
2. Click on "Profile"
3. In lower left box click My Selling tools
4. Under Getting paid and managing my risk, find instant payment notifications and click update
5. Click the yellow button for Choose IPN Settings
6. In Notification URL enter:
7. Under IPN Messages select Receive IPN messages (Enabled)
8. Click Save

Example of Step 6

Steps 2, 3, and 4

Step 5
(You might not have this if this is your first time setting up the IPN)

You will simply copy the link for Step 6, put in your website name and save!