New setup checklist - CAB

Whether you want to add/edit products, pages or categories, or only do the minimal recommended tasks below, we've made it easy to have your website ready for customers.

Basic Checklist (takes 20 minutes)
1. Setup your Payment Method
2. Setup your Taxes
3. Replace our demo contact info
4. Change Paypal email address to yours (this is very important to receive your money). You can do this by going to Settings>Payment Settings>Click on Paypal and change the email address to the email address you use with Paypal.

6 places to update our demo content 
Our contact information is there to show the recommended information for that page. You can edit or delete as you see fit. To edit, open the specific page in your admin and edit the information in the text editor, then save.

1. Contact Us:
Replace our contact information with yours

2. About Us:
Replace our name and company name with your own

3. Sponsorship Opportunities:
Bottom of page, replace name, phone, email

4. Fundraising Opportunities:
Bottom of page, replace name, phone, email

5. Ordering Information:
Replace phone number and email (also might want to update hours of operation.

6. Payment Information:
Replace location ( the Pensacola area) or delete "Local Pickup" section all together if you do not plan on keeping a Local Pickup shipping option.

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