Video Tutorials - Shipping Methods

The shipping rules allow you to build price ranges based on an order’s weight, quantity of items, or total price "the monetary total. To create a shipping method, go to Settings -> Shipping Methods, and click the “Add New” button.

  • You cannot mix rule types within a shipping method.
  • Contact your local shipping providers to determine your shipping prices.
  • For FREE shipping over "x" amount, make the last rule have a MAX of “999” and price of "0". For example: “Min $50 / Max 999 / Price $0” will give free shipping on orders over $50.
  • You can create a Shipping Method option for "Local Pickup" that has zero shipping cost. For this we recommend choosing a pickup location away from your home, and with friends along for the trip, but it can keep costs down for you and the customers ordering. This also comes in handy when doing a local event or program where multiple products are pickup from one location (example: School, or Hospital)

    Shipping Rules:
    • Order Total: This will calculate shipping based on the total dollar amount of the order.
    • Order Quantity: This will calculate shipping based on the total number of items in the order.
    • Order Weight: This will calculate shipping based on the total weight of all the products in the order. You must have a weight value entered for each product for this to work properly.
    • Per Item: This allows you to charge a fixed amount for each item in the order, and the amount can change based on the quantity. Example: you can charge $5 each item if total quantity is between 0-3 items, and then only $4 for each item if they order between 4-6 items, and so on...
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