Video Tutorials - How to add Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to request additional information from customers when they add a specific product to their shopping cart. There are two places you can manage custom fields. The first is the Custom Fields tab while editing a specific product. The second is the stand alone Custom Fields section tucked into the drop down menu for Products in the main menu.

You have three choices when adding new custom fields:
1) Create a new field
2) Copy existing field(s)
3) Copy field(s) from an entire product. (all fields from an existing product at once)

The Savi2 platform also introduces the Shared Field feature for custom fields. Whenever a custom field is used more than once your site will automatically recognize this field as “shared.” Any changes made to this field will update globally throughout your website, so you only have to make the changes one time.

If you want to edit a Shared field for a specific product, but have the field remain unchanged for the other products already using this field, you simple delete the shared field from that product and create a new field with the updated changes.

Field Types
  • Single Line Text: The answer is a single line of text (character limit: )
  • Paragraph Text: If the answer requires several sentences (character limit: )
  • Time: Customers select the hours/minutes. You choose 12 or 24 hr format in store settings.
  • Drop Down: You provide your customers with predetermined multiple choices. 
  • Date: This will create a calendar format to enter dates
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