Edit Page Layouts, Category Strips & Featured Column

Home Page - Featured Content: You can place any category in the right side menu typically used for “Featured Products.” To update which category is shown go to PAGES, and then select HOME page. When the edit page opens, click the LAYOUT tab and you’ll see a drop down to control FEATURED CONTENT.

Category Preview Strips: You can add category preview strips in any page, and this will pull the first 4 products from that category and show them as a row across your page. You can add up to three (3) category previews per page. To manage these, open the page you want to edit in the admin, click LAYOUT tab in the brown secondary menu, and you’ll see three options for Category Previews to select the category, and one for the Featured.

Category Preview Strips & Featured Column

Menu Boxes - where your menus can be placed: Click the image below for full screen. You can add up to 5 menus on the left, 3 in the footer, and a top and bottom navigation bar. 

Boxes where you can put menus

Creating your own Error404 page: Let' start with What is an Error 404 page. Your website already has an Error 404 page we created by default in the Pages section, so you can simply modify that page, or create your own. To make a new page designated as the 404, create the page and put  /404 as the slug URL.

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