Video Tutorials - How to Create/Manage your Storefront Menus

Savi2 allows you to build your Menus dynamically, and then place the menus in the preferred Storefront Box. You can add products, pages, categories, or custom URL’s to a menu. You can create unlimited menus, and then select Box Placement to assign it to an available storefront box.

When you build a menu, it's grabbing items you're telling it to populate with. If you move a menu out of a box, the menu is still saved in your store, just not visible to customers. If you remove a specific item from a menu, the item is still in your store, just removed from that menu.

What happens if you fill all storefront boxes and want to add more menus? If you assign menus to all storefront boxes, you can still create additional menus; however the box placement of the new menu will remain “Unassigned” until you switch a menu already assigned to a box, back to “Unassigned.” This will free up the storefront box for use with your new menu.

View Storefront Boxes image below to see the options where each menu can be placed.
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View Manage Menus image below to see how to use this section
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