Important Updates - Sept 29!!!

Hi Cabbies!

Lot’s of important and great updates!!!:

New Servers – Important you check the following ASAP!!!

Paypal setup

We noticed the Paypal settings on some accounts were reset to default. Please make sure the email address is your correct Paypal address, and the setting is saved to “LIVE”


We noticed the Taxes on some accounts were also reset to default, so if you had taxes activated in your website, please make sure your Tax settings are correct.

Missing Recent Changes

At the beginning of last week (Sept 21st) our technicians copied and transferred all websites database files to the new servers. Once everything was ready they began pointing your domains to the new server locations. Any changes made to your website after Sept 21st would have been saved on the old servers. Your changes are safe, so no need to worry, we just need you to email us letting us know we need to grab your recent changes.

Custom Images

If you have uploaded any images to the “IMAGE” section in your admin center, please check to see if any of them missing

Benefits of New Servers…

* All websites now automatically update (no longer need to “check for updates”)

* All websites now include the updated new templates (go to Admin Setting)

* All websites are now much faster to load and make changes

Up and Coming…


We’re on track to have Music application in beta testing by October 1st. If testing goes well, we should be on track for Oct 15th rollout :)


Now that our new servers are ready our technicians can finally have the opportunity to complete the Propay integration. For those who sent us their Propay information, we’ll be contacting you when the service is active on your website.