Place website in "Maintenance Mode"

If you need to disable your website to make further changes, wait for inventory re-orders, etc... you can now take your store "offline" to disable customers from placing a purchase, while giving customers a reason for this status.

Maintenance mode removes the "buy now" buttons from the products and places a customizable notification at the top of your storefront website.

The reason we made this keep your website online but unable to place orders, instead of showing a single page with a "down for maintenance" message, is because it's better for the search engines. You do not want them to think you've disappeared and they drop you from the search results.

IMPORTANT - we do not recommend using this frequently, as shoppers in general will lose patience and shop elsewhere if they're always getting this message when they come to your website.

How to use Maintenance Mode:

2. Select "Store Settings"
3. Change "Site Active" to "Maintenance Mode"
4. Input custom message that appears at the top of your website
5. Save Changes