Welcome To Create-A-Book

All this information is in our reference manual. Your first step to is to login to the dealer back-office and training center.  If you do not know your dealer number, or have access to both of these tools please contact our home office.

Once you have a user account you can use your new username/password by clicking dealer login at the top right corner of www.CreateABook.com. Inside you will have access to our training manual, online order form, and much more. You don't have to read the training manual all in one sitting. It is extensive and full of great tips.

To market your new business, it's imperative to have a website so people can research and order your products online. There are turn-key eCommerce websites available through www.SaviSites.com that come fully stocked with our product line. The annual hosting fee is a bargain and the websites are packed with eCommerce features. You can customize and manage the website yourself and add unlimited products and pages. Plus our personalized music albums and singles have been loaded so you can sell MP3 downloads 24/7 worldwide. Contact them at 850-400-1444 to learn more or visit www.SaviSites.com.

When you get a chance check out the Give-A-Book school programs. The school programs are wonderful and rewarding for you too. Local merchants will support this in-school literacy program. A portion of the money raised will be paid to you to make the books and distribute them. We have dealers who have been doing this from seven to fifteen years straight. It's a great program.

Danese Bouche is our operations manager at the warehouse. She will be handling your questions if you have any issues. Our office number is 719-647-1161. You can order products from Create-A-Book online when you're logged into our dealer section. In the dealer section you will see a link on the left hand menu for Order Form and Pricing. All online orders will be kept in your order history and our shopping cart is secure.

Software Download Instructions:


Before you download the software, please install .Net Framework 2.0. Now, go to your security center, turn off Window Firewall. If you have any other security installed, turn it off too.

Before download the software, go to your control panel, go to your security center, turn off Window Firewall. If you have any other security installed, turn it off too. Then back at the control panel screen, click on Users. Turn OFF User Account Control.

For the software, please open Internet Explorer and click here. When the page opens enter your email address and dealer number and follow the prompts from there.

  • The software comes set for most Laser printers. 
  • Centering should be good, but you might need to change the sort order.
  • Centering for Ink Jets: Move Right/Left -75 (negative 75)
  • Sort Order (collation) is probably reverse but you may need to play with it. This is what makes the pages print back to back correctly. Make sure page number 4 is on the back of 3 for instance.

Download your software today and practice with blank paper. You can even use legal size cut down to 8"x13" if you wish.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us.

Enjoy your new business, and thank you again for joining Create-A-Book!

Best regards,
John Hefty
President Create-A-Book, Inc